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[An updated version 2.0 will be coming soon. Probably by the end of June or Mid-July okay,seems like it's going to take a longer while. The current version is available only for a very short duration]
Easy Sleep Hacking is a simple guide which teaches you the method to get your sleep down to 2 hours a day. For anyone who is not familiar with the term “sleep hacking”, the fact that we humans can function normally or more likely better on very less sleep, might come across as an eyebrow raising piece of information. 

I myself had my share of worries and skepticism before starting out on my sleep hacking journey five years ago, so I can totally relate to that scrutinizing gaze on your face right now, as you read these very lines. So before you flee away thinking that I have lost my mind or start rationalizing why someone shouldn't sleep so less, here is the concept of sleep hacking in short.

To the naked eye, sleep seems like a simple act of being unconscious but the internal processes that go on in your brain and mind are not uniform or unconscious in nature. Your brain goes through various stages of sleep called as the N-REM and REM stages of sleep.

It is the REM phase of sleep that provides us with most of the benefits that we get from sleep. Whereas the N-REM stages of sleep, although deeply relaxing, are more like a wasteful state of unconsciousness.

This is where the sleep hackers step in. During the past 10+ years various sleep hackers have tried to eliminate the N-REM phase of sleep as much as possible while getting the daily requirement of REM sleep met ; which is between 1.5 to 2 hours a day. REM sleep however occurs in short burst of 30 to 90 minutes and accounts for only 20-25% of sleep.

There is one really tricky aspect to the REM sleep though; The onset of REM sleep is immediate only when you sleep polyphasically. Otherwise it is preceded by N-REM stages of long durations.

Hence this is why various sleep cycles like the Everyman sleep cycle, the Uberman sleep cycle and the Dymaxion sleep cycles came into existence. These sleep cycles aimed at breaking your sleep into smaller naps or segments so as to 'trick' your brain into entering the REM stage of sleep instantly after you fall asleep.

Out of the three, the Uberman sleep cycle was the most talked about sleep cycle. Both bloggers and readers alike were experimenting with the Uberman sleep cycle and posting detailed daily logs on various blogs and forums.

As you can see, the Uberman sleep cycle consists of taking six 20 minute naps with a gap of 3 hours and 40 minutes between each nap. What most of the sleep hackers did back then and still continue to do is, they start directly with the Uberman sleep cycle.

Big Mistake

The sleep hackers put themselves through a painful "adaption" phase, ranging anywhere from a few weeks to over a few months, to live according to the Uberman sleep cycle and ended up damaging their mental health while failing to adapt to the Uberman Sleep cycle at the same time. Imagine these guys, sleeping 8-9 hours each day and then all of a sudden switching into getting only 2 hours of sleep, without any warning or preparation to the mind, body and brain whatsoever: Ouch. 

Whats worse is that even those who did make it through the painful adaption phase and did successfully adjust to the Uberman Sleep cycle, could not continue with the sleep cycle for more than few months and reap its benefits. For 99.99% of folks, including sleep hackers, building a life around 6 naps a day was and still is next to impossible. 

A Better Sleep Cycle:
 The Dymaxion Sleep cycle

The Uberman sleep cycle gained a cult like status in the sleep hacking community and people overlooked the long-term compatibility of  the Uberman sleep cycle with the rests of their life. They also overlooked the fact that there exists a far better, a far more active-life friendly sleep cycle that gives the same end result as the Uberman sleep cycle but is much easier and faster to adapt to: The Dymaxion Sleep cycle.

The Dymaxion Sleep schedule was coined by Mr. Buckminster Fuller, who was an American architect, author, designer, system theorist, inventor and futurist. The Dymaxion schedule consists of taking four 30 minutes nap with a gap of 5.5 to 6 hours between each nap and take if from someone who has tried both the sleep cycles, adjusting to 4 naps a day is easier than adjusting to 6 naps a day.

I have been on the Dymaxion sleep cycle for the past couple of years now and have helped many of my close friends transition into a Dymaxion sleep schedule within a couple of months. So not only does it prove that I am not some genetically gifted person who can live on less sleep but that anyone can transition into a 2 Hour Sleep Life just like me with proper and effective guidance and method.

Where the guides come in

Most sleep hackers commit an unforgivable blunder: of starting a new sleep schedule directly! You need to realize that a sudden jump from 9 hours of sleep/day to 2 hours of sleep/day reaps havoc on your body, mind and brain. You cannot adjust to such a drastic change. Even if you do, you will have caused permanent damage to yourself. I realize that many of you may come from a mindset of quick fixes and 7-day result promises but you need to know that quick fixes are never permanent fixes and in the case of sleep hacking, the quick fix is dangerous!

So instead, I have developed a method, a step-by-step program for you, which I have followed, experimented with in all these years and highly optimized for you to follow which lets you slowly adapt to the Dymaxion sleep cycle while improving the quality of your sleep and your life at the same time. I have used this method myself and have optimized it as much as possible to make it as easy and as safe as possible for you. I believe in the method of taking baby steps to reach a goal and I have designed the protocol in the course on the same principle.

Not only does the guide give you a step-by-step method to help you adapt to the Dymaxion sleep schedule but it also gives you simple hacks to improve your sleep quality and teaches you how to fall asleep and wake up at command (literally fall asleep and wake up within 30 seconds at your own command)

What The Course Includes

Easy Sleep Hacking is a 69 pages ebook guide which provides you with the basic knowledge that you need to possess before beginning with your sleep hacking journey.
It explains: 
◔   The need for sleep hacking
   Why sleep should be paid more attention to
   The internal process that your mind and brain go through during sleep. 
   The function of the N-REM and REM phases of sleep
   The basic principle behind sleep hacking
   Elaborate explanations of various sleep cycles
   Famous Sleep Hackers from the past and present
   Simple daily life hacks to improve the quality of sleep before you begin with the actual sleep hacking protocol


The Manual is the meat of the course. It consists of the actual protocol for transitioning into the 2 hour sleep cycle. It is an 88 page ebook which talks about: 
   The method used for adapting to the Dymaxion sleep schedule.
   How to fall asleep within 30 seconds (literally)
   How to wake up immediately without forcing yourself
   Your sleep hacking blueprint
   The actual step-by-step protocol of sleep hacking
   The finer points and answers important questions related to sleep hacking


Lucid Dreaming is a simple 24 page beginners ebook guide that teaches you how to become conscious during your dreams. The book explains:
  What Lucid Dreaming actually is
  How you can attain lucid dreams and do mind blowing stuff like fly around,  fulfil your fantasies etc in your dreams
  Very effective reality checks
  What to do in the dream and how to improve your lucid dreaming experience.


Binaural Beats And Meditation consists of 10 mp3 tracks with 5 tracks of binaural beats and meditation each. It also consists of a short 14 page ebook to help you out with the tracks and helps you understand what binaural beats and meditation is. 
   Assists sleep hacking tremendously by making up for the N-REM sleep and thus helping a lot during the adaptation stage.
 Increases the frequency of lucid dreams and makes them extremely vivid.
   Both binaural beats and meditation have literally dozens and dozens of benefits besides aiding sleep hacking and lucid dreaming.
◔   Provides peace and relaxation to the mind, body and brain.
◔  Requires no special meditation techniques, breathing exercises or asanas. Just listening to the tracks is effective and sufficient.

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Finer Points

1. How long will it take to get my sleep down to 2 Hours a day?
Ans: Everyone is different and will adapt to sleep hacking differently. If small changes in your sleep schedules cause an upset to your mood, it will take you close to 2-3 months to progressively get your sleep down to 2 hour a day. If changes in sleep schedules don't affect you much, it will take you less than 2 months to adapt to the Dymaxion sleep cycle.

2. What format do the files come in?
Ans: All the books are in the PDF format with brilliant readability and are designed beautifully (or at least I think so) and the Binaural Beats and Meditation tracks are in mp3 format. 

3. Tell me more about Lucid Dreaming.
Ans: Lucid dreaming is the ability to go conscious during your dreams and do anything you wish to do in your dreams. The laws of the real world do not apply to the dream world. Hence during your lucid dreams, you are free do things like
·       Fly around
·       Pass through solids
·       Jump on clouds
·       Fulfil your fantasies
·       Meet your favourite celebrities etc.

One Lucid Dreaming experience and you will be in awe about all the amazing adventures you are able to experience in your dreams and have been missing out until now.

It was my Lucid Dreaming experiences that encouraged me to further experiment with my sleep. Just like the sleep hacking protocol, the lucid dreaming technique too have been experimented and optimized by me over the years.

4. I need help!
Ans: Feel free to contact me at pulsifyblog@gmail.com if you have any questions at all.

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